Remarks by Consul General Xu Erwen at the opening ceremony of New Zealand New Milk Ltd. New Product Facility

Remarks by Consul General Xu Erwen at the opening ceremony of New Zealand New Milk Ltd. New Product Facility

The Right Honorable Prime Minister John Key,

Mr. Tim Knox, Director of MPI’s Market Access Directorate,

Mr. Peter Chrisp, CEO of NZTE,

Ladies and gentlemen, Good afternoon!

I feel so honored and pleased to be here today to attend this official opening ceremony of NZ NEW Milk new product facility and participate in the exciting tour of the facility just now. Here, I want to thank Mr. David Spurway, CEO of New Milk, and Mr. Zhang Kai, Operational Director of NZ New milk for inviting me to this beautiful event. First of all, Please allow me, on behalf of the Chinese Consulate general in Auckland, to express our warmest congratulations to NZ New Milk for its amazing achievement of development in such a short time.

At this special occasion, I want to take this opportunity to express again my sincere congratulations to Prime Minister John Key for his very successful official visit to China last month. The visit attracted extensive attention and yielded fruitful results in all areas. President Xi Jinping hailed the unprecedented cooperation between our two nations when he met the PM. We believe that the historic visit will further promote the development of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and NZ based on mutual respect, equality and reciprocity. The Chinese government and people highly appreciate the great vision and leadership of the Right Honorable Prime Minister John Key in strengthening the ties and cooperation with China. It is our strong believe that the sound and good relationship between our two nations is not only beneficial to both countries and peoples but also to the Asia and Pacific and the whole world.

As the Prime minister witnessed by himself in China, the growth of China’s economy is quite considerable. The latest figure shows that GDP growth rate in the first quarter this year was 6.7%, better than expected, with steady increase of consumer spending, investment, production efficiency and jobs creation. Now China is dedicated to the innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development,and also to the peaceful development and win-win cooperations with outside world. This approach is very much in line with the development strategy of NZ. The economic success of China and New Zealand and bilateral relationship will generate tremendous opportunities for business of both countries and peoples .

Today the celebration of NZ New Milk’s achievement is a strong reflection of the fast growing co-operations between China and New Zealand. It also reminds us of opportunities that two side’s partnership could bring. China hopes to build a long-term agricultural partnership with New Zealand and strengthen cooperation in the whole industrial chain of agriculture and animal husbandry from investment, scientific research, management to food security. China is the world’s biggest consumer of dried milk powders and makes up almost half the world’s imports of whole milk powder. At the same time, the dairy industry is the jewel in the crown of New Zealand. China’s fast development offers a boost for New Zealand dairy producers. At present, New Zealand accounts for over 60% of China import of milk products. And this share will surely be expanded along with the increase of the demand of high quality products by Chinese people in future. We look forward to working with New Zealand government and business sector to focus on promoting cooperation in these key areas. So let us brave the wind and waves and set sail to jointly create an even brighter future for China-New Zealand relations.

Thank you so much again for your support to China and to the cooperation between our two countries and peoples. NZ New Milk, I wish you a greater success in future.

Thank you.